Theses puppies are ready to go there new homes. That means it is time for the information I would want if I were purchasing a puppy of what they have had for care and hopefully a few items that will help in the raising of the dog to be the companion that you want. One item that is my belief is if you raise a puppies on concrete or any other hard surface, and they grow up doing this when the grow they will have a tendency to potty on the hard surface and not out in the yard or grass. If they potty in grass then they will commence to go the same area after a point in time. ( If its a normal yard not a 5 acre field) When they start using the same spot or (IF THEY DONT) pick it up and pile it where you want them to go. After a period of time they will learn this and the problem is history for good. Now for the puppies that are listed. There is 7 of them in the litter. The mother is a Panda Shepherd and the father is a long haired white. I have shown a picture of each parent with the puppies pictures so you can see who is who. The father is very large and stocky. He is in excess of 120#, when he walks up to a pick-nick table he lays his chin and neck on the table like he owns it. ( He is also an accomplished food thief) He is 8 Years old and has been my friend for the total time. He is protective but not vicious and loves kids. His previous pups have corrected more than one child bully problem in Chicago that I have gotten reports back off. The mother is still in the learning stage. She is 2 years old and this is her first litter. She is very smart but not to much on the protective with exceptions of Coyotes or other dogs. Having the puppies definitely gave her a different outlook on life, and I am not sure what all will be different in the future, time will tell. She is totally affectionate now and has been in the past. The puppies many are following after the father totally huge for there age, . At 5 weeks one pup weighed 11.5# with all other close. The mother is the Panda portion of the system and with the white father the very heavy coloring of the litter came into effect. There is 5 Male 2 females 5 Pandas and 1 black and tan and 1 sable. The rest you can locate on the pictures. They are the only Pandas on the Puppy Find Listing Site (out of almost 2000 puppies listed under German Shepherd) and can be located by searching the Indiana Listings. Now for the puppies and what has happened to them so far in life. They are wormed at 2 weeks and every other week thereafter until they are taken home. They are given Parvo and Distempter shot at 3 weeks and 7 weeks. This way when you take him to your vet no shots are needed But sometimes over medication has happened and this schedule improves the puppies chances of survival. You are supplied with AKC Reg. Papers, Pedagree papers from AKS, Vet Check Forms from my vet on the puppies at 7 weeks, My personnel record of all shots, wormings. Date of Birth, number of pups and sexes, and name of mother and father, along with a large note area where I keep anything that might be important for the new owner. The puppies come to you well on there way to potty trained, and doggie door operation. They learn it from following the mother and actually go outside in the rain to potty at 7 weeks/ (Seen Yesterday). The puppies are presently on hard dog food and are doing fine. Shipment or delivery can be discussed at time of purchase, and in closing I would like to say please check my Listing Reviews for References, and I am still in contact of many of my customer after years of purchasing puppies. My operation is not a kennel but a 2 acre farm with 4 dogs. Only 1 litter a year, and dogs are only locked up when puppies are due. When they are born within 2 weeks mother is back running the yard for breaks and as they get older she stays alone longer periods until weaned. ( that way puppies dont miss her so much and less trama). Any further question you might have I can be reached at e-mail and I will get back in response.

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